Tofi | Title   Chair | Ta'ita'i Fono
Igoa | Name  Tafilelea Fa'avae Gagamoe
Alalafaga ma nu'u   Satalo, Saluaofata, Lano ma Fagamalo

I look forward to this season of service in Trade facilitation and Investment attraction for my beloved Samoa. God Bless.

I am married to Lealiifano Vaiula Roberts (Asau, Tafatafa, Auala and Tiavea) and our children, Salamasina , Tiamo and Nelson based in Auckland , NZ.

I have worked in the faith-based sector, airline, tourism, travel, freight, media, and sport industries. I connect people and organizations to achieve strategic partnerships. I endorse collaboration across diverse global environments and cultures. Lead out in change management and culture transformation within faith-based organizations and specialize in delivering continuous improvement initiatives and programs at various stakeholder levels.

Thirty years of intentional governance service on various community organizations, but the chairmanship with the New Zealand Samoa Trade and Investment Commission (NZSTIC) affords me the opportunity to serve my beloved Samoa. 



Tofi | Title   Vice Chair | Sui Ta’ita’i Fono
Igoa | Name  Pulotu Siteine Peta Si’ulepa
Alalafaga ma nu'u   Satalo, Manono, Lotofaga, Nu’usuatia

My parents migrated to NZ in the late 1950s and as a first- generation NZ born Samoan I value this wonderful opportunity to continue to serve my homeland - Samoa. NZSTIC provides a unique platform to generate and drive trade and investment for Samoa by leveraging our strategic connections with Aotearoa NZ and building on our ancestral ties with Tangata Whenua.

I am currently the Founder / Producer and Festival Director of the Samoana Jazz & Arts Festival of Samoa & American Samoa. I am also a business owner of an architectural design, build and consultancy firm in American Samoa.

I have extensive working experience in the public, private and voluntary sectors both in NZ, Samoa and latterly American Samoa. My NZ government work includes education, health, women, youth and children. My work in local government covers community and youth development; economic development strategy and policy with a focus in the tourism, cultural / creative sectors; strategic relationship management - migrant communities, Pasefika and Tangata Whenua. In Samoa my work history spans an international women and girls NGO, an international aid/volunteer agency and the Samoan government serving two Cabinet Ministers.



Tofi | Title   Vice Chair | Sui Ta’ita’i Fono
Igoa | Name  Vui Elena Fa'amoe-Timoteo
Alalafaga ma nu'u   Lano, Fatausi, Fagamalo

I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to work that is focused on Samoa’s sustainable economic development as well as growing Samoan business in the diaspora.

I am a daughter of Safotulafai and Gaga’emauga via Seattle, Washington, USA, living in New Zealand for the last 25 years. I am married with three children and in 2014, my aiga in Lano bestowed me with the Vui Nafouaina title, which I am honoured to humbly serve. I am passionate about education and the importance of education to creating sustainable socio-economic and health shifts for Pasefika communities. My specialist areas include education; corporate and trust governance and management; evaluations and reviews; systems and processes; and women in leadership and management roles.

I have worked for 20 years in education, working on projects focused in Mangere, Otara and Manurewa and then in leadership roles across the Auckland Region and in the Waikato. I also have experience in policy and tertiary education. In my free time, between work and family, I enjoy working in and across community focused and community driven projects.

I am currently the Managing Director of MV Consulting Group, a company that provides a range of services for corporate and community-based organisations.

My roots are grounded in Lano, Fatausi and Fagamalo, Savai’i and Redmond, Washington.


Tofi | Title   Commissioner | Komisina
Igoa | Name  Fa'amanu Elizabeth Leofo-Palelei
Alalafaga ma nu'u   Lauli’i, Saanapu

I saw this as an opportunity to give back to my homeland through the use of my networks and experience. I want to see Samoa thrive and prosper through a strong economic recovery strategy and want to contribute to this important work. I believe NZSTIC is in a strong position to enable this.

With over 16 years of experience in New Zealand’s Tertiary Education Vocational Training sector (TVET), I am a highly experienced senior manager. The various roles I have held have allowed me to develop strong relationships across the TVET sector, especially within relevant government entities. I have experience in the areas of strategy; operations; finance; system design and business improvement; recruitment; training and development. 


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Tofi | Title   Commissioner | Komisina
Igoa | Name  Taliaoa John Loau
Alalafaga ma nu'u  Afega, Faleula

I am grateful for the opportunity to bring my professional career experience to the leadership table at NZSTIC & Trade Invest Samoa. As a native son of Samoa, the innate nature of service is something I believe we are born with. I look forward to learning, growing and serving our members and making an impact in the trade and investment growth journey for Samoa, and our diaspora.

Taliaoa John Loau was born in Afega, Samoa, and lived in Auckland, New Zealand from 1982-1989, and then immigrated to Los Angeles, California. Growing up diasporic in Los Angeles, grew up in Southern California and in the Pacific Palisades. My agility, entrepreneurial spirit coupled with my sense of service led to my joining the service and working in public safety, education, local/state & national governments, business and more. Returning to New Zealand in 2011, I continue my entrepreneurial journey as a business owner, and in governance with the lens to serve and make a positive impact in the communities I am part of. #stayconnected 

Tofi | Title   Commissioner | Komisina
Igoa | Name  Meta Nila Apu'ula
Alalafaga ma nu'u   Nofoali’i ma Fasito’outa
Meta joined NZSTIC, to help facilitate and further create more opportunities for our people. Knowing where we have come from and navigating where we are heading so our children and grandchildren do not only reap the benefits and rewards of our hard work, resilience and self-determination, continue the work for the next. With solid foundations and a strategy that keeps intergenerational wellbeing at the forefront of everything we do, the way forward will allow our children and people to survive and flourish.

Currently a Director, and trusted advisor amongst other roles, she is passionate about what she does. Seeing people succeed in their careers and lives, and to see our families, and local communities thrive, monumental. Shaping today for tomorrow should always be the vision. Meta is a proud advocate in Construction, Civils and Infrastructure, Education, and both Public and Private sectors. Having worked on, and currently working on, multiple projects across New Zealand keeps her busy. Leading and building strong relationships in teams, being an extension of any organisation she works with, strategic business development, advising on growth, ensuring she is creating sustainable, diverse and equitable opportunities, especially for Maori and Pasifika, being world leaders is her goal. Meta leads with purpose. To be able to give back to our countries, our homeland, nothing compares.

Born in Wellington and now living in Auckland, she is continuing that journey with her family (The Sa-Maori’s), her two beautiful girls, and husband - it's all go in their busy lives. "I want my daughters to walk in a world where they know they can do or be anything they want to be, thats what i've set out to show them!"

‘Lalaga le si’osi’omaga mo se lumana’i manuia’ – ‘Weave an environment for a better future’


Tofi | Title   Commissioner | Komisina
Igoa | Name  Tunumafono Ulafala Aiavao
Alalafaga ma nu'u   Sataoa, Leusoali'i, Moto'otua, Ngati Awa

Tunumafono run a virtual office providing borderless services for Pacific inter- government organisations and other clients. His main focus is Pacific communications, small business and digital services. He has previously spent ten years at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat in Suva, Fiji. Before the Forum, he was an island-hopping regional journalist for Islands Business International covering Pacific regional issues.

Ulafala also does some volunteer community work.


Tofi | Title   Commissioner | Komisina
Igoa | Name  Hana Matauaina Vaai Schmidt 
Alalafaga ma nu'u   Safune, Safotu, Falelatai, Alamagoto, Vaisala

I am joining NZSTIC to serve Samoa and her people through economic development and to achieve the wider purpose of a prosperous Samoa.

My name is Hana Matauaina Vaai Schmidt and I am a young entrepreneur highly involved and experienced in digital technology, media and communications, creative arts, holistic health and healing and eCommerce industries. I have also spent the last years involved in many community uplift projects and organisations to support the overall social wellbeing of Pasifika people in Auckland New Zealand. I want to use the skills that I have gained throughout the years and my unique perspective as a young person to contribute to the wider purpose of a prosperous Samoa. I am very passionate about our people and our homeland Samoa. I am very honoured to be appointed as a commissioner for New Zealand Samoa trade and Investment Commission and look forward to serving the interest of Samoa and her people.



Tofi | Title   Commissioner | Komisina
Igoa | Name  Torisse Jossia Laulu
Alalafaga ma nu'u | Villages  Afega, Lefaga, Salailua, Falealili

This is my way of honouring my homeland that has nourished my gafa/bloodlines.

I am a visual storyteller of Samoan decent who is passionate about Oceanic peoples owning and being in control of their own narratives/stories. I run an online platform called ‘Plantation Conversations’ that is dedicated to honouring the voices/stories of those relegated to the fringes of society. With every story that I tell through film/art - it is my intention to disrupt existing western systems that have never served us. You can see this across my work.

I hope I can use these skills to tell the many untold stories in Samoa. I believe that these stories carry a transformative power to move society forward.



Tofi | Title   Commissioner | Komisina
Igoa | Name  Mati Filemoni Timoteo
Alalafaga ma nu'u | Villages  Saanapu, Laulii, Tiavea, Pago Pago
I am the son of two migrants who came to Aotearoa in the 1970s to work and build a different life for their young family and support their families in Samoa. The legacy I was gifted with, is one of love, service, hard work and sacrifice in our families, church, villages, and applying our Samoan tu and aganu’u. These are my foundations and guide my work and passion in Community and Economic Development. I am honoured to be a part of NZSTIC to create opportunities and realise the dreams I share with our families and businesses in Samoa and here in Aotearoa.

I have over 30 years’ experience working alongside communities to further their community and economic development aspirations. I know what successful partnerships look like and I know what they are built on, trust, honesty and a commitment to people. I am a Company Director specialising in consulting on governance, management, project or programme design and management as well relationship management.

Tofi | Title   Samoa in-country Representative
Igoa | Name  Moananu Tyrone Laurenson
Alalafaga ma nu'u | Villages  Lufilufi, Lepea ma Vaimoso

Talofa lava. My name is Tyrone Malaesaili Laurenson. I am a New Zealand-born Samoan.

I served in the New Zealand Police for 25 years (1973-1998) and was the first police officer of Samoan descent to achieve the rank of Inspector. I was awarded the 1990 New Zealand Commemoration Medal for services to the pacific community and Erebus Recognition Medal.

In 1998 I travelled to Samoa and I have worked variously in the Education, Law & Order, Health and IT sectors. I am currently the Acting General Manager for WE Limited trading as WE Advisory based in Vaivase.

My interests are family and sports generally with a focus on rugby union and rugby league.

I look forward to continuing to serve Samoa in whatever capacity I am able.